What do we mean when we say "obit my org ... and org my obit"?

Ever wondered how much you don't know how to explain?

  • Ever become frustrated when someone asks you what they should do - and you can't explain to them the "why", just the "what"?

  • Ever become wary of taking mission-critical decisions on the basis of someone else's specialism - particularly when they can't explain to your satisfaction why you should act in this way?

  • Would you like a way of understanding not only what someone says, but how they have reached that conclusion?

  • And more than that, when someone leaves your company - or even when you do! - and you need their knowhow three years down the line, would it be useful for you to be able to access their deepest and currently unpickable insights for the most challenging of specialist and mission-critical needs, operations and decision-making processes ... but in their absence?

Ever wondered if you could ever prove what you know to anyone's satisfaction?

  1. What could you do if everyone was able to easily create a "digital work obituary"?

  2. A legacy everyone would remember you by?

Grow with?

Learn from?

And finally ... be grateful for?

  1. And how would you be remembered, if in this way you yourself ended up at the heart of your organisation's organisational brain ... forever?

  2. What then?