Our process

Step 1: co-discovery - a bespoke privacy- and secrecy-positive discovery ...

Real people, discovery engineers, skilled in many contexts at finding out the reality of human/human interactions, will:

    • speak to your nominated staff one-to-one, from between a week to a month. Such conversations will be entirely private and entirely compatible with the demands of a normal working-environment;

    • work together with your people to draw up a report on the content of the interviews;

    • not communicate any of the content gathered during the discovery process until absolutely everyone is comfortable with actual content, tone, and implications.

Step 2: co-design - an open and collaborative stage ...

When the human-to-human truth begins to be shared, three teams will start to work together to create an initial course of action. These teams will be:

    • first, the discovery engineers;

    • second, people more specialised in finding solutions in the field of human/machine interfaces, interactions and instances;

    • but most importantly, your people!

Step 3: co-delivery - a shareable, living, breathing organisational brain - delivered long-term at no extra cost!

Our two teams - discovery engineers and AI-like technology implementers - will always be in place, throughout the rest of all of our joint processes, as we continue to work with your people.

The outcome will be to deliver this: "digital work obituaries", entirely made-to-measure for your organisation.

A living, breathing, ongoing legacy for the future-presents of everyone in your organisation.