What is Obit My Org?

Obit My Org is a knowledge transfer workstream from Better Biz Me Ltd.

It both obits your org ... as it orgs your obit.


It delivers tech - in corporate contexts - that supports the ongoing, empowered, and empowering creation of what we've already termed "digital work obituaries":

  1. It captures not only procedures but also ways of thinking.

  2. This benefits future and present generations who work for your organisation.

  3. It uses:

    • a toolbox to help colleagues choose how to capture and share their high-level "thinking without thinking", whilst they still work with your organisation;

    • bespoke AI strategies to help evidence and validate these ways of thinking, once the originators have stopped working in the culture;

    • authentication against people profiles to ensure attribution and reward: this will reduce staff turnover; improve workforce retention; and make it possible to reconnect with your people once they have retired from your organisation.