OBIT MY . ORG is a knowledge management and transfer workstream from Better Biz Me Ltd

It both obituarises your organisation ... as it organises your work obituary - your legacy, if you like. A legacy which will put you at the heart of your company's future-present for the rest of its existence.


It delivers technologies of a newly inside-out AI-like nature - in corporate and other sophisticated organisational contexts, both - that support the ongoing, empowered, and empowering creation of what we've already termed "digital work obituaries":

  1. It captures not only procedures but also ways of thinking.

  2. This benefits future and present generations who work for your organisation.

  3. It uses:

    • a privacy- and secrecy-positive toolbox to help colleagues choose how to capture and share their high-level "thinking without thinking", whilst they still work with your organisation, and in completely supportive and reputation-safe spaces;

    • bespoke AI-like strategies to help evidence and validate these ways of thinking, once the source of the ways of operational being, seeing, and doing have stopped working in the culture;

    • evidenced and validated deep thinking from the inside-out: we don't propose that what you know should be inspected but gifted. You will be in control always.

Finally, in those organisations which prize safely vulnerable workplaces, know how to engender and maintain them, and have evidenced their commitment to the implications of such processes, there will exist the potential for:

    • authentication against people profiles to ensure attribution and reward;

    • the reducing of staff turnover;

    • the improving of workforce retention; and

    • the making it possible to reconnect with your people once they have retired from your organisation.

Mil Williams, Founder of Better Biz Me Ltd, the company that is working on the OBIT MY . ORG workstreams